Worm Drive Warriors




Published below, Worm-Drive Warriors is a series of articles that tell the stories of some of the Peugeot heroes of Australian racetracks in the 1950s and ‘60s.

People of a certain age will remember the exploits of Bob Holden, Ken Brigden, Albert Bridge, Geoff Russell and Ian Mountain, which are all well covered. But there were plenty of other enthusiastic Peugeot punters, particularly Norm Saville and Bill Cooke.

Then there are those who were on the periphery of the Peugeot racing scene; John Cummins was a great friend of Bob Holden and Ian Mountain; our own Ivan Washington was a friend and supporter of Bob Holden, and bought one of his early 203s; PCCV member Philip McCumisky drove an FB Holden in the 1963 Armstrong 500, in which Bob Holden drove a 404; the late Geoff Strachan was another companion of Bob Holden’s; Sydney’s Jim Lever was a regular at the NSW tracks and got to know most of the Peugeot people well.

To add some rally interest, there is Brian Amey’s account of his remarkable adventure with Elouise in the 1970 Ampol Trial.

Many of the articles in the series are based on interviews with the people themselves. Others rely on the recollections of family members.

There are plenty of pictures, some quite spectacular and some very rare.

Paul Watson