Sunday Drive to Balnarring March 11

Following the first Committee Meeting for 2018, we are planning a Sunday Drive to Balnarring, details of which are still to be finalised. This is the Labour Day Weekend so things may have to be a little flexible.
I am planning to meet for coffee at the Tyabb Packing House which has a cafe as well as other goodies, perhaps then visit The Main Ridge Cheese Factory. Alternatively, we may visit the Tyabb Grain Store (Antiques) or the Tyabb Hay Shed (hidden curiosities and unique items from a long forgotten time).
Once we have the coffee and retail therapy out of the way, we will then head to Balnarring Village for lunch.
Before I can finalise any details, I will need to know how many people are interested in attending. So please email me at or call Val on 9728 3096 by Friday March 2.