Slippery Dip, Sunday 8 October

Can you drive well under slippery conditions? The club’s annual Slippery Dip at Millgrove is lots of fun while honing your driving skills. Any Peugeot is OK to compete in. It will probably get a bit dirty or maybe covered in mud, nothing that a good wash won’t fix. This is a great day for the kids (over 12 years old) and the less competitive members. The challenge is to see how far you can drive up a slippery slope. This event is usually the highlight of the PCCV competition year, thanks to Jeff Gill, who welcomes members and friends to his Millgrove property for a day of fun competition and lots of socialising. BYO goodies to cook on Jeff’s BBQ, steak and salads or just some sandwiches, if you are feeling really lazy, just pick up a cooked chook on the way. Don’t forget some drinks to celebrate your incredible driving, or to drown your disappointment and embarrassment if you do not perform well. If you don’t want to embarrass yourself or get your car dirty, you can still participate as one of the much-needed observers to run this event. Please contact Glad Fish or 0410 148 058 for an entry form or further information.