September guest speaker

PCCV member Graham Wallis will be our guest speaker for the September general meeting . As members know, Graham puts a huge amount of effort into his passion for motor sport and is very generous in sharing his time and experiences with other PCCV members.
Graham will bring his 1989 309 GTi gravel rally car which was built in the UK and imported to Australia in the late 1990s. He has built this car to 309 GTi16 specifications, with a full roll cage, Mi16 engine, throttle bodies, a 3JU plate differential and adjustable bias brakes and various other features. The car is painted Miami Blue which many GTi16s were at the time. This car is unique in that it is one of probably less than 5 in Australia. Graham will share with us the journey of the car from when he first acquired it, right up to what it is today. This will be a fantastic opportunity to see first-hand the finished project.
Graham is also going to share his experiences of the many European Museums he visited back in 2015. These include the Prince Albert Collection in Monaco, the BMW Museum, the Mercedes Museum, Munich Technical Museum, Porsche Museum as well as the Prague Technical Museum and the Skoda Museum. This part of Graham’s presentation will include photos and descriptions of each of the museums he has visited which should be of great interest to the audience.
This meeting promises to be an extremely interesting and informative evening, so all members are urged to attend. As usual, there will be the traditional BBQ (BYO) at 6.30pm, followed by supper after the meeting and Graham’s presentation.