Call for officials on the George Woods Trial

The George Woods Trial, one of the club’s premier events, will be held on 2 March in the Powelltown area. We are expecting a good field, with plenty of novices getting the feel of a competitive event in a reasonably relaxed environment. Much planning has gone into this event, with many hours of preparation. But the George Woods will only be a success if we have enough officials to work on the controls. This is a task that any sensible adult can do and is quite exciting in the heat of the event. If you are free on the night of 2 March and want to contribute to the running of the event, please email the director, Glad Fish, at And if there’s more tha one of you able to help, so much the better. Just let Glad know how many there will be. Your contribution will be warmly welcomed and you will have some fun, so contact Glad now.