PCCV Summer Safari

You are invited to participate in PCCV’s Summer Safari on Sunday 20 January 2013.
The Summer Safari is a straightforward introduction to navigation runs; no plotting is required as all specified locations are pre-marked on the supplied map; no tricky navigational traps have been devised, you just need to know where you are so that you can answer questions from signs at the specified locations (most of these questions are of the form “What is the name of the road to the South at this point?”).
The Summer Safari is a touring assembly run under a CAMS permit. At least one member of each crew must have a CAMS level 2 non-speed licence (available at the start if necessary); vehicles must be registered (or permitted) for use on Victorian roads.
The event is primarily an enjoyable drive from the suburbs (start in Dandenong) to the country, finishing at a hotel in the Dandenong Ranges where evening meals are available for those who don’t need to rush back to town. A lunch stop at a coastal town with fresh fish and chips on the menu is also part of the schedule.
Cost is minimal – $20 per vehicle – so if the car is full, that works out under $5 per person for a full day’s entertainment. That entertainment will also include a special quiz/scavenger hunt for the younger members of the crew to make it a real family fun day. There are no hidden costs; entry fee, a tank of fuel and lunch (feel free to BYO picnic) is all it will cost as the official map and clear instructions are supplied.
For more information, contact the director, Nick Wright by email (nwright@netspace.net.au) or mobile (04 2744 3821).
For Supp Regs and Entry Form Click: PCCV Summer Safari Supp Regs.pdf

Anyone planning on running in the Redex 60th Anniversary Rerun should use this as a practice event – the director of the Redex Touring Assembly is the same person and he is trying out the concept of the Redex run with this event!