Parts for sale, and a message to people selling cars

Because of a hard-disk failure, we have lost virtually all the Cars For Sale ads for the past month.
If you have a car for sale, please forward it in the normal way and it will be sent to members and included in March Torque.
Now, here is an ad from Graham Wallis:
Free 403 bits from Graham: cylinder heads; steering racks; lever shocks front and rear King pin assemblies, including a wagon RHS one (with brake); brake parts; coarse spline axles including a wagon one; C2 gearboxes; C3 gearboxes; early 203 C1 gearbox; front and rear springs; engine block with pistons and crank; fuel filler hose for 403 sedan in good condition; 404 5 bearing engine block, with caps; rear gearbox mounts suitable for exchange rebuild.
NEW parts for sale: 203 early and 203 late/403 various suspension bushes new $8 each; set of 403 pistons, new $100 comes with 4 used cylinder liners; 403 ring sets $40 each; 203 water pump can suit 403 with small mod. $150; May have a set of engine bearings would be $300; Vandervell, with copper lead front main; 30mm front brake cups $15 for a set.
Many other parts let me know what you might need. Graham Wallis 0429 939619