Ivan’s Folly Supp Regs

Attached here are the Supplementary Regulations for the PCCV Ivan’s Folly Trial to be run on 14 September 2013.


Ivan’s Folly on 14th September is the next PCCV competition event on our calendar. Lets stack the field with Peugeots this year. It is a very compact event with lots of great forest roads to compete on and minimal transports.

This year the Ivan’s Folly is being directed by Mark Laidlay. Mark will be looking for a few officials on the night so keep the date free and volunteer to help. Graham Wallis will tell you more about the event at the August meeting. We can expect it to be a night event in the Heathcote area. Finishing with the traditional PCCV bonfire and Lael’s sausage sizzle.