2018 Peugeot Pageant Information

The Peugeot club of Queensland Inc is inviting all other Peugeot clubs and their members to the Pageant in 2018 at the Outlook complex at Boonah in south-east Queensland, about 80 km from Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
The Pageant Registration form and all of the Pageant Information is available here: www.peugeotclubqld.org.au/2018%20pageant.html [1]
The Registration Form included is set up so you can type into it directly,
www.peugeotclubqld.org.au/peugeotmania/2018 Pageant Registration FINAL FILLABLE FORM.pdf [2]
then save with your name, and email directly to us at 2018peugeotpageant@peugeotclubqld.org.au .
Also on the website is an overview of the accommodation units and a site map.
On this site you can also find other links, such as the updated rules for the Rocker Cover Racing and local tourist ideas.
Links: —— [1] www.peugeotclubqld.org.au/2018%20pageant.html [2] www.peugeotclubqld.org.au/peugeotmania/2018%20Pageant%20Registration%20FINAL%20FILLABLE%20FORM.pdf