2018 Pageant Guest Speaker: Peugeot Adventurer – Sarah Kirby

For those intending to go to the 2018 Pageant at Boonah, or those still contemplating the possibility, this is a unique opportunity to hear the adventures of an incredible young woman who made the decision to drive solo to Australia.
Sarah, from Western Sydney, had been working in London for 2 years when she decided in 2016 to return home. Whilst in the UK, she had purchased a 2001 Peugeot 206 which had already clocked up 60,000km for £450.
Rather than take the easy travel option, Sarah decided she was going to drive home in her trusty 206!
After learning some basic service and repair skills and lots of preparation, she set off on her epic trip across the European continent, through Turkey and the former Soviet states through to China and Laos, down to Malaysia before shipping her faithful Peugeot across to Darwin.
Six months after setting off from the UK, Sarah arrived back in Sydney in December 2016. She and her “transcontinental” 206 had travelled around 37,000km with plenty of stories to share about her adventure.
If you are still thinking of going to the Pageant, let me know and I would be happy to facilitate things for you. vsgmjk@bigpond.com or call 97283096.