PCCV meeting on Friday 2 September

Mark Pedder has confirmed he will address the next club meeting. Unfortunately, he won’t have his rally car but he will bring his laptop to show a couple of short videos as part of his presentation. He will join us at 6.30pm for the BBQ. Val Gibson

2017 Peugeot Pageant expression of interest again

Apologies for the confusion over the PDF that would not open. It must have dropped off while crossing the Nullarbor. Please see these addresses on the PCCV website for the expression-of-interest form and details of events. www.pccv.org/2017-peugeot-pageant-expression-of-interest/ [1] www.pccv.org/event/2017-peugeot-pageant-merimbula/ [2] Links: —— [1] www.pccv.org/2017-peugeot-pageant-expression-of-interest/ [2] www.pccv.org/event/2017-peugeot-pageant-merimbula/

Reminder: Voyage Petite 21 August

As you will have seen in the latest edition of Torque, we have a Voyage Petite scheduled for Sunday August 21 in Williamstown. The activities include a coffee/breakfast stop, a large community market for the ladies and, for those who are interested, a visit to explore HMAS Castlemaine which is permanently anchored at Gem Pier, … Read more

Observed Section Trial event on 14 August

On Sunday 14 AUGUST,The Austin 7 Club spends quite an odd day trying to drive through courses set out over varying terrain, logs, creeks large holes, hills up and down, and finally driving through a dam, deeper than the car is high. Their specially built vehicles will be exciting to watch. Stand clear when the … Read more

Spam warning from PCCV

The PCCV News/Cars For Sale webmail account has received a spam that purports to be from Australia Post. The message subject is “The mailman couldn’t deliver a parcel’. It looks quite genuine until you read the web addresses that it asks you to click on. The fact that this message came to this address suggests … Read more

404 on Shannons Club TV

There is a great segment on the Shannons Club TV site. It features the ex-Gordon Miller 404, which is back in Victoria after a short holiday in NSW. Well worth a look. www.shannons.com.au/club/video/peugeot-404-shannons-club-tv-episode-58/