Cup Weekend, Foster, Gippsland.

The PCCV Weekend Away for 2015 will be at Foster in Gippsland from Saturday 31 October to Tuesday 3 November. Highlights of the Weekend will be a tour of the TARA VALLEY and the central portion of the GRAND RIDGE ROAD, attendance at the renowned FOSTERS FARMERS AND CRAFT MARKET, as well as a day … Read more

September meeting of PCCV

The September meeting will be held at Chateau Peugeot on Friday 4 with a display of the 306. Following the success of the breast cancer evening of a few years ago, it is appropriate that we have a similar discussion on prostate cancer which is becoming increasingly more common. In Australia, prostate cancer is the … Read more

Glad Fish is in hospital

Tim Farmilo received this message from Nick Wright today. ———– Hi Tim, Please give Glad & my apologies at Friday’s meeting. Also let members know that Glad is in Dandenong hospital with an undiagnosed illness. She is very weak but fighting it off. By the time they find out what it is she will probably … Read more