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    The PCCV has grown into one of the largest one make car clubs in Australia and has achieved an enviable reputation among its peers. The activities of the club are varied: they include social, sporting and technical events. Recently a strong interest has developed amongst some members in restoring older Peugeot models.
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    Insane - 1988 Pikes Peak Hill Climb! Like our page for more Motorsport videos, pictures and news!

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    Hi Guys, I have 2 sets of number plates that I had "pre-purchased" when those were the upcoming series. These are "STI-505" & "SLI-505" (as I had both models in the stable). They were never fitted to either car & I am unlikely to ever have the need for them so I am offering them to the club for whatever the basic cost price of a license plate is, plus the obligatory transfer fee. As stated, they have never been on a vehicle & I am only interested in cost-recovery, not profiteering..... Let me know if interested. If no-one wants them, I will just pin them up on my garage wall :) ... See MoreSee Less

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    Hi everyone, as some of you will know I own a 2.0L 306 cab.
    Well recently I had my heater hose fall apart (rather the plastic part that is renowned for going brittle). In the process of replacing the hose assembly, I have found that the hoses for the 2L are no longer being produced, so the only option really is to buy a 1.8L hose (which has the same plastic part) and then cut the moulded hoses off as the 1.8 is routed differently to the 2L. Given the $170 ish price tag of a new 1.8L hose assembly, I am reluctant to cut one up straight away.

    So I've been thinking and tinkering and I am working on a prototype to solve this heater hose issue once and for all.
    Below are some pictures of what I've come up with so far, also the cost so far is well under half a new 1.8L hose.

    If you have any thoughts or suggestions or if you might be interested for your own car/cars let me know.
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    Not sure if I should post this bad ad for Peugeot 504, but it did come from America.
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    Amigos este es mi Yoyo cada vez falta menos

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